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A Biography

Hi! My name is Fawn. I specialize in women's services and I'd like to be your stylist and esthetician.

My journey into the beauty industry started with my Momma; a stylist who worked her last 30 years in the film industry. 

During her salon years I'd developed a love for the beauty industry. While I never thought to step behind the chair, I did learn how to manage the business end of a salon and ... during my off hours, did a good bit of "kitchen hair" for my friends. 

Fast forward more years than I care to recount, and I was teaching cosmetology students how to run the front end of a salon. That's when God shouted...

"Plot twist!"

I was at the student salon after hours doing some paperwork when an older woman walked in with her husband.

They were in tears; she was a cancer patient who had just been given an ill fitting wig. They had been to several salons, looking for someone - ANYONE who could set it for her. 

She was completely overwhelmed by her illness and like a stranger in her own body. Her wigged reflection bore no resemblance to the woman she had been, and still was.

Her hubby was clearly wrestling with the feeling of helplessness that comes with not being able to help his beloved.

I had seen my mom do a few things with wigs over the years, so after a few bumbling attempts at humor and hair styling, we struck upon a look that was more suited to her feisty personality.

She left that day, feeling a bit more comfortable in her own skin.

I left with a greater sense of direction; it was time to step behind the chair.

I have grown into a passionate and creative stylist and skincare specialist, who genuinely believes that every woman is uniquely beautiful and possesses something no one else can offer to the world around her.  It's my aim to, in some way, bring that uniqueness to the surface, and put it on display.

In this process I have learned to walk an oddly balanced line between the meticulous order of science and the unchained freedoms of artistry.  

When you come in for a visit:              

You can expect to be treated like a dear friend, worthy of honor & dignity.

    You can expect to be heard. We'll have a great conversation before we begin any service

           and most importantly...

You can expect to leave feeling refreshed, and beautiful!

If you are ready to book your appointment call or text @ 850-390-0606

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Favorite Client Sayings:

My hair is Fawntastic!

~ Brandy Triplet

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Favorite Client Sayings:

Fawn has MAGIC fingers

~ Carla

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When it comes to facials I'm all about creating a relaxed atmosphere, where comfort and the feeling of being cared for are top priority.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, where the delicate skin of your face is concerned you can double that value!

My momma taught me: Your skin is the only Earth suit you get - so nourish it! 

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Home: Quote

                For an appointment call or text



6895 N. 9th Ave
Unit E, Studio 104
Pensacola, Florida 32504


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